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So close, yet so far...

You had me on a palm of your hand

You had me like a bird singing only to you

You had me smiling just by a glimpse

And my tickles

And my butterflies

And all of it together

It was all you having me as a golden fish

To make your every single wish

Come true

But then there was a silence

And there was a distance

From my thoughts to your being

And from you dreaming quietly

To me wishing loudly more and more

Of life, of me and of you

And it was in that clash of distant desires

That we grew apart

That I stopped smiling

And giggling about anything you say

You stayed in my memory as a nice and vague

Antiquity with so much potential to be my everything

But instead of everything you’re just someone I’ve met

Someone who made my nights and days brighter and happier

For the moment where we thought we had it all

And we had nothing but our thoughts

Who met on a rainy night in dark

With no girl or a boy to come near our fortress of lust

For undefined soul waiting for ultimate love.

┼żena zna
14/07/2017 14:24