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Just be there. That's all

When someone tells you he hates his life and himself, the worst thing you can do is to point out how ungrateful he is for what he has. It's like telling someone with alcochol or drug addiction that he's the fool and stupid and grazy for consuming those stuff and he should be happy for health and wealth he has. But if someone is in that state of mind, sole words won't change anything. If anything, it could get worse. What you can do, is to try to understand and be supportive. You can point out the reasons for being happy for having him in your life. Being loving and caring and just being there, 'cause lonliness and social absence can just contribute to closing even more. So, dont judge, dont make his feeling worthless and minor, dont treat it as a phase, be there as much as you can and say it with meaning. Love and care and get him to the soil before he drowns too deep before it's too late. You just might miss him. Or her.

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10/02/2018 19:40