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Cain and Abel


For so have we found it with Cain that slew his brother,
for it is written (in Genesis 4:10):
”The bloods of your brother (dəmê ’āḥîḵā) cry.”
It is not “the blood of thy brother (dam ’āḥîḵā)”
but “the bloods of thy brother (dəmê ’āḥîḵā)”—
his blood and the blood of his posterity….
Therefore but a single man was created in the world,
to teach that if any man has caused a single soul to perish,
Scripture (hakatuv) imputes it to him
as though he had caused a whole world to perish,
and if any man saves alive a single soul,
Scripture (hakatuv) imputes it to him
as though he had saved alive a whole world.


27 Relate to them truly the account of Adam’s two sons.
When the two of them offered an offering,
it was accepted from one of them and not accepted from the other.
[One of them] said, “Surely I will kill you.”
[The other one] said, “God accepts only from the Godwary.”
28 Even if you extend your hand toward me to kill me,
I will not extend my hand toward you to kill you.
Indeed I fear God, the Lord of all the worlds.
29 I desire that you earn [the burden of] my sin and your sin,
to become one of the inmates of the fire,
and such is the requital of the wrongdoers.”
30 So [the other brother’s] soul prompted him to kill his brother,
and he killed him, and thus became one of the losers.
31 Then God sent a crow, exploring in the ground,
to show him how to bury the corpse of his brother.
He said, “Woe to me! Am I unable to be [even] like this crow
and bury my brother’s corpse?”
Thus he became regretful.
32 That is why We decreed (min ʾaǧli ḏālika katabnā)
for the Sons of Israel
that whoever kills a soul,
without [its being guilty of] manslaughter
or corruption on the earth (fasādin fi l-ʾarḍi ),
is as though he had killed all mankind,
and whoever saves a life is as though he had saved all mankind.
Our apostles certainly brought [the Sons of Israel] manifest signs,
yet even after that many of them
commit corruption on the earth (fi l-ʾarḍi la-musrifūna).

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