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Let's just sit and play some jazz
And when I ask you, you say yes
To everything I want tonight
Because night
Is just starting to light up.
Be my Sinatra and play me and dance me
To forties and fifties
When we would have time to pause
And kiss the life with every breath we have
I'll be Lena Horne and bright your night
I'll sing and vibrate with every tone
You'll kiss me with every gaze of yours
That touches me like a breeze
And I'll be your star in some other universe
Wrapped in your hug
Taken in time of our youth
Of butterflies and sweet notes of this song
That you played for us tonight
Like in a starriest night of all
So let us just dream the jazz
In every vibrating muscle we feel
Let us just sing till the last spring sings.

┼żena zna
15/05/2018 11:25